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Foster Care, Open Adoption and Guardianship

Foster Care, Open Adoption and Guardianship

11 year old Thomas is an intelligent, engaging and well liked boy who loves nature. Unfortunately and through no fault of his own, he is one of the 10,000 children and young people across the Hunter and Central Coast who the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) have assessed as unable to live with their parents due to concerns for their safety and wellbeing.

Sadly, there is an overwhelming shortage of foster carers to care for these 10,000 local children and the situation is now at crisis point.

For Thomas this means that he has spent the last 12 months residing in a motel, with the support of caseworkers.

CatholicCare and FACS is desperate to get Thomas out of a motel and find him a home, where he will feel safe and secure.

Can you help?

We are seeking an individual, couple or family to foster Thomas and children like him, with a view to Open Adoption or Guardianship.

FACS has, through their Permanency Support Program, introduced a series of changes from 1 October 2017 that shift the focus from placing children in Out of Home Care with foster carers to one that is centred on safety, permanency and wellbeing for children, young people and their families and kin with a plan to achieve a permanent home for every child.

Where children can’t be restored to their birth families CatholicCare supports the NSW Government’s plans to make it easier for foster families to adopt or become guardians of children in their care. This type of security is exactly what children and young people need to thrive now, and into the future.

Open adoption and guardianship can deliver to children, young people and their foster families a sense of openness and a better chance of maintaining good relationships with birth parents when restoration is no longer possible.

For those wishing to adopt a child or young person, the NSW Government is committed to streamlining the process involved. A means-tested adoption allowance will also help those who require financial assistance to meet the child’s needs.

CatholicCare partners with our carers providing them with support and development opportunities on their path to becoming adoptive parents or guardians. Our plans are always developed with the child in mind. We have highly qualified and experienced Care Team including clinical psychologists and caseworkers who engage and provide support to children and their families.

To serve our community better, we recently opened our first Upper Hunter office.

There is an urgent need for emergency, restoration, respite and permanent carers for children of all ages. To find out more register your interest or call 1300 590 898 or visit 



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