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CatholicCare Night Care Van

What is the Night Care Van?

NightCareVanSince 2004, CatholicCare has operated a custom built catering trailer with the purpose of providing food and beverages to people who are homeless, suffering from a mental illness or who are otherwise disadvantaged. This trailer - known as the Night Care Van - currently operates in Islington, every Saturday between 4pm and 7pm.

The Night Care Van is supported and staffed by 16 teams of volunteers from around the Diocese and is visited by approximately 100 people each Saturday.


The Night Care Van provides food and beverages to visitors at Islington ISP carpark each Saturday afternoon and evening. The suburb of Islington was identified as an area that would benefit from the Night Care Van following a 'binge drinking strategy meeting' attended by NSW Police, Newcastle council and other service representatives because the suburb had high levels of alcohol and drug consumption. The BBQ facilities in the Night Care Van offer volunteers the opportunity to assist those in the area who may be disadvantaged.


As well as providing food and refreshments to those in need, the Night Care Van is a potential outreach opportunity for disadvantaged people to access other services via information and referral. The provision of food and refreshments is an ideal avenue to engage with people, who may identify that they require assistance in a variety of areas.