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Carer stories

Hear directly from our foster carers

Just as every carer is different, so too is every child or young person who requires care. For this reason, everyone’s stories will differ. However, one thing these carers all have in common is their selfless commitment to ensuring a safe and secure home for children and young people in need.

Dale and Robert's story 

When Dale and Robert called CatholicCare Hunter-Manning in 2018, they had no idea how much their lives would change.

After struggling to fall pregnant with their own child, they decided to open their hearts and home to a child that really needed it.

“We went through IVF and after a year we realised this isn’t working – we know now that this was the reason why, we were meant to be foster carers instead,” Dale said.

Dale and Robert provide permanent and respite care.


Lisa and Geoff’s story

For the last year, Lisa and Geoff have been respite carers for eight-year-old Toby*.

They say it’s opened their lives to a whole new world – one full of love, laughter, and learning.

Here is their story.


Bronwyn, Stewart and Kodi's foster care story

After having their daughter Emily, Bronwyn and Stewart wanted to have more children, however unfortunately, they were unable to do so.

After considering several options, including international adoption, Bronwyn found herself drawn to foster care and the idea of helping a child in need of care, love, and a home.

Here is their open adoption story.