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Foster care stories

Our carers

Taking on the role of foster carer is a big decision and a big commitment. We understand potential carers have many questions including the types of support they will receive and the rewards and challenges. We understand that carers are also interested to know about the permanency pathways — restoration, guardianship/kinship, open adoption and long-term foster care.

Other important aspects of becoming a foster carer including the assessment process and involvement of carers with birth families are addressed on this website. Some of our carers have graciously shared their experiences in the videos below. Just as every carer is different, so too are the children who require care. For this reason, everyone’s story will differ. However, one thing that these carers all share in common is their selfless commitment to ensuring a safe and secure home for children.

Ronlyn and Alan's foster care story

Ronyln and Alan have 4 biological children together and have provided emergency, respite and restorative care for over 13 children with CatholicCare. This is their story.

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Bella's foster care and open adoption story

At just 18-months-old, Bella was taken into foster care. After two years with the same family, Bella's foster parents looked into adoption. This is Bella’s story.

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Samantha's foster care story

As a young mother, Sam thought she had motherhood under control. When her children were removed from her custody, it served as a wake-up call.

Sam shares here story in the video below.

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Bronwyn, Stewart and Kodi's foster care story

After having their daughter Emily, Bronwyn and Stewart wanted more children, but they couldn’t. 

After considering a number of options including international adoption, Bronwyn found herself drawn to foster care and the idea of helping a child in need of care, love and a home.

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Sabine and Peter's foster care story

After seeing children being mistreated and spoken to badly while she was out and about, Sabine made the decision to become a foster carer.

Sabine and Peter provide emergency, respite and short-term care. When you foster with CatholicCare, we work with you to determine what type of care suits you and your lifestyle.

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Robyn's foster care story

Robyn became a foster carer after her sister, Faye, explained the need for them. She provides short-term and respite care for children for whom the goal is restoration.

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Tracey's foster care story

Tracey became a carer to make a difference and to give a better life to children in need.

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Wendy's foster care story

Wendy enjoys being a foster carer because it gives her the opportunity to meet wonderful children and to be a positive source of care and love in their life.

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Megan's foster care story

After having her first child, Megan could not have any more children but felt her family was not quite complete. This led her to become a foster carer.

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Becoming a foster carer

Our team of friendly and qualified staff will do their best to answer questions, so feel free to call them on 4944 0711. We also hold information sessions for potential carers, which can include a presentation from an existing carer. After the session, there will be time for questions and answers.

If you would prefer a one-on-one meeting, we can possibly put you in touch with one of our existing carers so you can hear about their first-hand experiences.

If after watching these videos you have any questions for our staff, please contact us on 4944 0711 or complete the form below. We’ll only be too happy to help!