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Rewards and challenges of authorised foster carers

Rewards and challenges of authorised foster carers

Caring for vulnerable children and young people can be both challenging and rewarding. It does not require the perfect parent but certainly requires dedication and energy.

The rewards listed are but a few:

  • Making a real difference for a child or young person
  • Helping to keep children and young people stay connected with their family and friends
  • Helping to keep siblings together
  • Providing care and support to a child or young person going through a difficult time
  • Helping children and young people to reach their full potential
  • Being a highly valued and contributing member of a caring team
  • Helping children and young people to be reunited with their family
  • Using your skills and life experiences for the benefit of others
  • Seeing your own children learn to appreciate others’ needs

Some challenges of foster care:

  • Responding to children’s behaviours that you may not have previously experienced
  • Saying goodbye to children when they return to their families or move to another placement
  • Being able to persevere when the observable changes may be small or non-existent
  • Managing your own children’s feelings about sharing you, their home and their lives
  • Sharing the decision making for children placed with you

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