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Parenting Hub

CatholicCare’s Parenting Hub is unique and the platform for our early intervention programs. We offer services for all parenting needs and this diversification allows problems to be addressed before they escalate. It’s a pre-emptive approach that embraces the whole family.

Our cohort of support includes access to a Parent Educator Consultant or an Early Intervention Practitioner who can prepare a tailored service for the particular needs of any family.

The familiar cry from all families is, “If only there was a manual…” Our parenting programs are evidence-based and our parent educators work with families who have children aged between 0-18 years.

How adults choose to parent is a very personal matter. Our parent educators understand that just as every child is different, so too are parents. Accordingly, Parenting Hub staff provide suggestions to parents and carers on how to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities in line with their families’ beliefs and provide strategies which can enhance their already existing parenting skills.

The focus of discussions varies depending on the needs of each family and may include, but not be limited to, behavioural advice, positive parenting tips, mental health and encouraging learning opportunities.

The Parenting Hub is available to families in all their different forms including couples, single parents and blended families.  

We offer a variety of information, either one-on-one or in group forums, on various parenting programs including;

  • Triple P Parenting Program
  • Parents as Teachers (P.A.T)
  • Parenting Children with AD/HD
  • 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching
  • Bringing Up Great Kids Program
  • Tuning Into Kids
  • Circle of Security
  • Delightful Parenting

The Parenting Hub is a government subsidised service, offered by CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning. You will only be required to pay what you can afford for our services.