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Co-ordination of Support

Co-ordination of Support

Our qualified and dedicated staff pride themselves on developing strong relationships, not only with those in their care, but also with families and carers. We work with the individual and the family or carer to develop the living skills of those with a disability within their own homes.

Assistance can be in the areas of money management, living skills development, opening and operating bank accounts and preparing for the workforce.

Confidence in the long-term quality support we offer provides satisfaction for everyone involved. This includes clinical support and counselling, development of in-house living skills and supported accommodation.

Underpinning CatholicCare’s services for people with a disability is a wide-ranging network of professionals.

We offer:

  • assistance with daily life tasks, household tasks and personal activities
  • behaviour counselling and support
  • development of daily living skills and life skills
  • participation in community, social and civic activities
  • specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs
  • training in independent travel and transport
  • therapeutic intervention and support
  • money management
  • accommodation support to gain and maintain housing.

Ultimately our support programs assist those with a disability move towards living as independently as possible.