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Relative or kinship care

Relative or kinship care

Relative or kinship care

Relative or kinship care is a type of care that places a child or young person with a relative or someone they already know.

Caring by relatives is a common practice across cultures, but the term kinship care can have different meanings for different cultural groups.

In Australian Indigenous communities, kin may be a relative of the child or young person or someone who shares a cultural or community connection.

Being cared for by relatives or kin also helps children avoid the trauma of being placed in unfamiliar environments.

CatholicCare caseworkers can assist you to become a relative or kinship carer, although you will still need to be assessed. CatholicCare’s kinship assessment process is similar to the one to become a foster carer, but not exactly the same. 

To learn more about how CatholicCare will assist you in becoming a relative of kinship carer, please contact us at, or by phone at (02) 4979 1120

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