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Restoration or reunification work towards the permanent return of a child to his or her birth family. Carers willing to work with the cohort involved to achieve restoration are a special group.

Children are only reunited with their birth family when the environment is considered safe. CatholicCare can initially work with the mum and/or dad through the Early Intervention program with an aim of resolving risk issues. If foster care is necessary it is important that carers have the capacity to cope with the children’s possible return to their natural families.

CatholicCare works with a child’s birth family and a range of services to support the child’s placement. The best result is the carer family and natural family uniting as one. It requires a very special form of empathy from the carer. They are being asked to help the child and the child’s family. 

CatholicCare recognises the special role of family and at all stages works proactively with that knowledge.

Where the permanent return of a child to the birth family is not possible we engage with the foster family to develop plans around guardianship or open adoption.

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